Saturday, February 28, 2009

Digital Word Art for Children's Layouts

Eight pieces of brand-new digital word art (including one with color and styles added) especially for use on children's scrapbook layouts. Quotes and sayings from Winnie-the-Pooh to a former First Lady. Use them as titles or embellishments. All created at 8"x4", 300 dpi and delivered as .PNG files with transparent backgrounds.

Just $1.49

I hope you enjoy using these as much as I enjoyed making them!

Thx, and do stay tuned for news about my new online store where I'll have all my products and services in one place and a much easier check-out process!

The Cat and the Hummingbird Digital Page Layout

Just a quick and fun layout to document my cat, Scout, who loves to hunt birds. Digital papers and brads are from my digital scrapbooking kit, "Fresh As."

Two of my fave things: birds and cats. Getting them to co-exist together can be a bit of a challenge.

A few years back, after losing a cat to a car, we put up cat-fencing to enclose part of our yard and provided a cat-door into it. The cats come in and out but can't roam escape the enclosed garden. It has also, finally (though only after a few modifications involving trees and an arbor), solved our raccoon problem. (The little rascals used to come right into our house through the cat-door and eat all the cat food, not to mention make a huge mess with water and muddy feet.)

The Cat Garden, as we now call it, is right outside my kitchen window, also a prime location for bird feeders and we had a number of them out there. It wasn't long before I was finding dead or dying birds in the house and feathers scattered around. It hit me that we were luring birds straight to the cats!

We moved all but two of the birdfeeders to locations outside the Cat Garden. The two we left were the thistle feeder for finches and the hummingbird feeder, which we hung high on a shepherd's crook. We figured that these two types of birds would be safe since finches rarely, if ever, feed on the ground, and as for hummingbirds, well, everyone knows they are so fast a cat couldn't possibly catch one.

You know where this is going, right?

One day I came home from work and there was a dead hummingbird in the dining room. Wha'?

Ok, I thought, must be a fluke. Maybe the bird was ill or dying or very young and not too smart, maybe one of the cats just got darn lucky. No way could that happen again.

The next week when I came home there were TWO dead hummingbirds in the house. I could NOT believe it. And there was Scout sitting guard over one of the birds, looking all smug and pleased with herself, and she even had a tiny iridescent feather or two stuck to her orange fur. The little bird-murderer!

It looked like we were going to have to move the hummingbird feeder out of the Cat Garden. I pondered where the new location should be, where I could still see and enjoy them. I went outside and walked around the backyard, considering each window as a possible new location. Near the Cat Garden I looked through the mesh fence and watched Scout strolling toward a huge bush heavy with scarlet trumpet-shaped flowers.

There were two hummingbirds hovering at the feeder near the window but she didn't even give them a look. I thought that quite odd until I realized she had a destination and a plan. Moving silently and smoothly she slipped into the jumble of branches of the flower-laden bush and disappeared.

No sooner had she vanished than I noticed one of the hummingbirds zip over to the bush and begin feeding from the bright flowers. The bird zigzagged from one flower to the next, working its way down toward those blossoming near the ground.

That was when I understood how Scout had caught the hummingbirds. She'd ambushed them! I threw open the gate and strode toward the bush frightening the hummer away. Then I shooed Scout out from her hiding place and gave her a scolding which she pointedly ignored.

Within an hour I had trimmed away the branches closest to the ground leaving a gap of about eighteen inches. Now if she sat under that bush Scout would be in plain sight of the birds. I crossed my fingers and hoped my hunch was correct.

That was a couple years ago and we've had no more dead hummingbirds. I think we've finally figured out how to have cats and birds in the same garden.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Digital Template Plus FREE Pre-made Pages


The second Webajeb page layout template is here!

(If you missed the first one, which is a FREEBIE, you can get it here.)

These are so much fun to use, and easy, too. As mentioned when I posted my first layout template (here), Webajeb templates are layered .PSD files with a "Plus." In Jessica Sprague-style they feature a plus sign on each layer that is clippable, making it super-easy to identify which layers are made especially for clipping digital papers.

I use Photoshop but I know tons of digital scrapbookers use Elements or other programs, some of which may not support the clipping technique. Please know that these layered files are still appropriate for you!

You don't have to use clipping on these layers. You can use any method you like to recolor, select and cut, or apply styles and textures to the layers. These .PSD files work like any other, with each element on its own layer, making it easy for you to add your own papers, elements, titles, and journaling.

Here is the template with photos, digital papers, color added to the fibers, and some text:

Thanks to DigiTreats for the January-themed paper (slightly recolored to match my photos). If you don't already "follow" the DigiTreats blog, you need to jump on that bandwagon right now. There is a freebie nearly every day plus a huge shoppe (currently having a Grand Re-Opening sale) full of great digital, well, TREATS!

I love the DigiTreats flowered paper so much that I also created a version of my finished page without the 5 small photos at the top, so that more of the flowered paper is visible:

Another really great look, don't you think?

Now, for those of you who prefer pre-made pages I am making each of my fully layered templates available in that format as well.

Introducing Tumble Templates by Webajeb!

(no longer available)

(no longer available)

You can be among the first to use one of these templates. Simply click on either of the template images to download it. Download both, if you like!

UPDATE: 03/10/09: I have had to remove the links to these pre-made pages. After letting Pamela of DigiTreats know that I had featured some of her papers here on my blog, she wrote back to say that I could not use them to give away as freebies due to the fact that she uses other designer's products to create her own, and that those other designer's Terms of Use preclude their use in any commercial way, including as freebies. **SIGH** Sorry about that, friends! However, I will (as soon as I have time between all the traveling I'm doing this month) re-create these pre-made pages using my OWN papers and then re-post them, as freebies, of course!

Tumble Templates are delivered as flattened .JPG files. Simply open a new document in your scrapbooking software program and drag in the template. *On the template layer, use your magic wand to select the gray photo areas and delete it. You now have a hole in the template. Add a new layer under the template, "tumble" your photos onto that new layer, and re-size as needed.

(* Of course, this is just one way of adding photos; use any favorite technique.)

Save with a new name, and Done!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Digital Freebie - Page Layout Template

(click on the image to download)

I liked this layout so much that I decided use it as the basis for today's free digital page layout template. AND I'm including the "speed limit" traffic sign that I created, complete with scratches, and mud splatters.

The traffic sign is in .PNG format, 4x4 in size, and 300 dpi.And now a little about the template.

This is the first Webajeb template in a new and improved format inspired by Jessica Sprague. Last week while reading Jessica's blog I came across this posting. Jessica had come up with a new idea to make her templates even easier to use. What she has begun doing is adding a plus sign (+) in front of the layer name for any layer in the .PSD file that is clippable.

Digital scrapbookers know that by "clippable" I mean the technique of clipping a piece of digital paper or a photo to the layer below it, causing it to take on the shape of that layer. Super handy & fast when using templates and dragging in your own papers and photos.

(If you are not familiar with clipping, or using digital templates, Jessica has put together an excellent video tutorial which you can view here.)

The plus signs on the layer names make it easy to quickly differentiate clippable layers from layers that contain text, embellishments, or other non-clippable layers.

In her blog post Jessica wrote, "I actually hope this trend catches on among template designers, and everyone starts offering a + before clippable layers."

I am happily taking her up on that suggestion because I think it's a great idea!

I hope you enjoy my newest template (and the traffic sign embellishment bundled with it). Please share how you use them and I'll feature you on my blog!

Digital Airplane Template by Mega-Doodle Inspired

I created this using the Mega-Airplane Template from Mega-Doodle Inspired (one of my fave sites for cool digital stuff). I used Club Scrap digital papers (Matrix kit) and clipped the papers to the layers - totally easy and quick. I then simply ran the render filter on blue paper for the cloud effect behind the airplane.

It can be used for banners, blinkies, and websites. CU, PU, and S4H all OK. Gotta love THAT.

How cute would this be in a blinkie with a banner streaming out behind it?

The template can be found in the Mega-Doodle Inspired store, here. It's on special for February, only $2.56 (regularly $4.00). The template includes a layered .PSD file plus 21 .PNG files, 1 for each airplane part. EASY to use; simply use color overlays or clip digital papers to each layer.

I'm really loving templates lately. Am going to try my hand at designing some page layout templates which I will make available a bit later today!

One will be a FREEBIE!

See ya real soon.....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Can't Drive 55 Digital Scrapbook Layout

Now that my first digital scrapbook kit is finished and posted (see previous post) I am back to creating some of my own personal digital page layouts. I was playing around with a favorite photo of me driving my car (in which I am driving happily and recklessly) and came up with the above layout.

I really love the sorta swoopy look and feel to the curvy paper lines. And I made the speed limit sign, complete with scratches and mud splatters. I also did a little practicing with typing text on a path.

All in all a very fun layout. I'm going to make a template from this layout and giving it away as a freebie.

Check back (very soon) for the free template!

New Digital Scrapbooking Kit by Webajeb

Seven custom-designed digital scrapbook papers PLUS a BONUS:
a custom Photoshop color swatch with 18 colors that exactly match the papers.

(click image for a larger view)

Six custom-designed digital scrapbook elements.
(click image for a larger view)

And six pieces of custom-designed word art
(including one in both B&W and Color).
(click image for a larger view)

At long last! My first digital kit, "Fresh As," was created with Spring in mind, and Rainy Winter outside my window. My longing for spring, and my enjoyment of the rain that we desperately need here in northern California, are both reflected in the papers and elements of this kit. Included are the springlike colors of yellows, greens, and oranges; delicate flowers, a weathered picket fence, brads sporting spring-colored stripes, a pre-made title, and plenty of word art to add spring-related quotes or poetry to your layouts.

Included is a bonus: a custom color swatch with 18 colors that exactly match the kit papers. Easy instructions are included on how to load the swatch to Photoshop or Elements. With the custom colors you can easily create additional papers and elements, as well as text and titles, that perfectly match the contents of the "Fresh As" kit.

Get everything in all three previews (above)
for the special low price of just $2.99

Can't wait to hear what you think of my first kit, and to see the great layouts you come up with.

Heartfelt thanks to Brandy of Mega-Doodle Inspired for her kit preview templates and actions. Check out Brandy's
website for all kinds of cool products!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wild Sea, Wild Life Digital Scrapbook Layout

(click on image to view a larger version)

A couple of weeks ago I spent several days in Pacific Grove, CA. (next-door to Monterey Bay) at a scrapbooking get-together. We stayed at the Asilomar Conference Center, which is right on the coast. I took my bike and managed to get out twice for nice rides along the coast. Of course, my camera always went along and, on my first ride I was treated to several sightings of the local deer.

I just love the juxtaposition of the ocean on one side of the street and, right on the other side, deer browsing in people's front yards!

The totally cool thing about digital scrapbooking as opposed to traditional? No waiting to get photos developed! As soon as I got back to the workroom I downloaded my photos onto my laptop and created the above two-page layout.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Sneak Preview - FIRST Webajeb Digital Kit!

I'm so excited!! I'm creating my FIRST digital scrapbooking kit. It's been very fun so far! I have no real "plan" as to what will be included in the kit; I'm just kind of creating papers, and as I create the papers ideas of elements and word art are popping into my head. My fave way to work. Just going where my creativity takes me.

The above paper is a sneak peek. This will be one of the papers in the kit which I've tentatively named "Fresh As." I feel really inspired by the recent rain which is bringing out full force the bright greens, yellows, and oranges of a northern California spring.

I'm also playing with styles, overlays, textures, and filters in Photoshop; experimenting and exploring until I stumble on combinations that I like. I do hope you'll like them, too.

There will be a freebie associated with this kit, which will be posted on my blog (most likely tomorrow), then the kit will be offered for sale here on my blog and also on my website.

Subscribe to my blog so you can be one of the first to get the first Webajeb digi-kit!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Digital Scrapbook Layout-My Cat

One of my own personal digital scrapbook layouts that I've been working on recently:

My cat, Scout, who thinks she "owns" my office and everything in it (of course, that's pretty much true). Trouble is she refuses to even try to understand why it's not a good thing to sit on my keyboard!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gorgeous Digital Portrait Page Layouts

Some photos are just too special to simply frame as is.

They deserve a little something "extra," like the technique I used to create this soft-focus, double-image effect. It looks great with either black-and-white or color photos.

I can do this for you!

Just send me your extra-special photo(s) via e-mail or my photo dropbox (click here for contact info). I'll apply this **technique, print your 8x10 portrait page on high-quality, high-gloss photo paper, and mail it to you, for the all-inclusive price of $12.00 each. I'll even convert your color photo to black-and-white, if you like, at no extra charge.

If your favorite photo is already printed, you can snail-mail it to me (click here for mailing address) and I'll scan it into digital format, again at no extra charge. I'll return your original photo to you unchanged in any way.

**This technique works best on portrait-style photos without distracting backgrounds.**

You can pay easily via Paypal, even it you don't have a Paypal account. Simply go to the Paypal website, click the "Send Money" button, enter my email address (found here), your email address, and the amount, and click "Send." Then follow the directions to either log into your Paypal account OR enter a credit card number.

These portrait page layouts make wonderful gifts. Order today!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Summary of Last Month's Digi-Freebies

Happy February!

At the request of some of my blog and newsletter readers, here is a list of links for January's freebies, and for my products for sale from the same timeframe.

For freebies, just click on the image to be taken to the download page for that product! For items that are for sale, click on the link below it to be taken to the post where you can "Buy Now."

I'm listing the For Sale items first ('cuz I'm hoping that as you scroll down past them one or more will catch your eye and you'll just HAVE to have it!), then the Freebies, in reverse order(more or less!) from the original postings.

I hope you see something you like!

(Added 02/05/09 11:29 PST) NOTE!!! My offering Obama-related digital papers and elements is NOT an expression of my political views. These have been created in response to customer requests in light of recent events in our country and MAY, or may NOT, reflect my own personal views. Please! No political commentary in the comments section! Especially derogatory ones! It's bad karma.

FOR SALE by Webajeb

Digital Alpha - Patriotic

Digital Paper 12x12 300 dpi: Obama
(FREE w/purchase of above Patriotic Alpha!)

Digital Ladybug papers (12x12, 300 dpi) and Element (300 dpi)
Digital Paper - Obama
Digital Papers (three!)
Digital Paper 12x12 300 dpi

Digital Elements: Metallic

Digital Word Art Obama-Style

FREEBIES by Webajeb

Digi element: airplane

Word Art: Obama

Digi Template: Clean & Classy

Digi tag/word art: Bath Time

Finally, the following template was offered FREE to my subscribers in the Webajeb January Newsletter. It is also available FREE to anyone who signs up for my newsletter. To sign up click here (link has expired, but you can still get the tag here for only .99) and scroll to the bottom of my homepage. (Your information is always kept confidential.)

BONUS! When you sign up you will not only receive the 2008 Year in Review template:

...but the Any-Year Baby's First Year template, too!

As always, leave me a comment, call me toll-free anytime (866) 521-DIGI (3444) or e-mail me. I love to hear from you!