Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Wedding Album of a Different Color

{layout inspired by Kellie Mize}

Sometimes the traditional style of wedding album just doesn't cut it.

My latest client project is a good example; her daughter's wedding was rock 'n roll themed with lots of red, purple, pink, & black, and photos in a gritty, urban, and totally rockin' style.

This title page layout is just the beginning of what is bound to be an exciting walk on the wild side of weddings!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Digital Photo Masks and One is FREE

{paper & elements by Summer Driggs}

Two new photo masks for Back to School pics, and I'm going to give you one FREE! It's got a crookedy, whimsical, and swirly-curly look for girls' back to school photo. I used it with a photo of myself from wayyyy back in the Dark Ages, when I was in about the second grade. I didn't want to put the year on because then everyone would know how ancient I am!

In my layout I added a thin white stroke to the mask, and also a drop shadow. Here's the mask I used, and this is also the one that's FREE:Here's the second Back to School photo mask, the one for boys:
What a fun messy, grungy look, don't you think? Perfect for boys! Here's a layout I made with the mask:

{paper and butterflies by Olga Unger}

Again, I added a thin white stroke - I think it makes the outline of the words stand out much better. This time, instead of a drop-shadow, though, I used the Bevel/Emboss layer style and selected "Down" instead of the default "Up." This makes the mask look as thought it's been pressed down into the paper. I love the look!

If you'd like the second mask you can purchase it from my online store here (set of 2 includes the free mask!), or simply download the free mask from 4shared here.

Create a memory today!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Digital Word Art Freebie and Template 24

Whoohooo, another digital template ready for you! Number 24. Yeah, templates are just about my fave thing to create because once they're done, I use them over and over for all types of layouts. They're the perfect tool to jumpstart creativity any day!

This is a 2-page template; each page is in a separate .PSD file. Create 2-page spreads, or use just one of the pages for a single page layout. Swap the two pages around, if you like, flip 'em upside-down, it's all up to you. Make 'em your own!

As usual, I've included a layer with numbers corresponding to each of the photo shape layers in the file. This makes it easy to find the layer you want to clip your photo or paper to. It's so easy! Simply click to highlight the shape layer where you plan to place your photo. Then drag your photo in. It will drop right on top of the correct layer. Awesome!

Here's a layout I made with this template:
Clean & classy, perfect for a wedding layout, but by using different background paper and adding elements you could easily make a layout for pretty much ANY occasion. And bonus! You can include LOTS of photos! Put a single photo on each layer, or cover two or more template shapes with one photo, the way I have. It's easy: decide which shape layers your photo will cover, merge those layers, then clip the photo to the merged layer. Done!

Did you know you can email me with any questions you may have? Sure! So if you have questions, or want more detailed, step-by-step directions on using my templates, e-me! I always get back to people ASAP. The last thing I want is for you to download one of my templates and then not be able to use it. I'm here to help!

I also created that lil' bit of word art that you see on the left page of my layout; here's a bigger view of it:
I've decided to not only include the word art with purchase of the template, but to also offer it FREE to my blog readers. Download it at 4shared.

Oh, and you how I usually go back and disable the freebie links 'cuz they're only available free for a limited time? Well, I'm just too busy for that these days (thanks to all my new clients!) so from now on, I'm just going to leave the freebie links forever! Whoohooo! I love freebies as much as anyone, and I have to admit I've often gotten annoyed when I'm reading through blog posts and there are freebies, but the links have expired. I hate feeling like I've missed out, lol!

Of course, I don't have time to go back now and RE-link all previous freebies either, but if you'd like one that I have posted in the past, just email me, tell me which one(s) it is, and I'd be happy to send you the link(s).

Visit my online store for lots of other templates, paper, kits, word art, and more. If you prefer, go straight to the Templates section for today's template!

Now go let {your creativity} all hang out!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Four Seasons Clipping Masks AND a Freebie!

Well, I was supposed to be working on Back-to-School clipping (photo) masks but I got distracted when I discovered these other masks I had start to create awhile back! I decided to finish them up first, then go on to the Back-to-School masks.

I had a lot of fun creating these, and then using them in layouts. Here is my layout using all four masks:

(paper & element by Amy Clegg)

You could do a similar layout with photos of your kids from each season, or your baby's first year of seasons, document your garden in each season, whatever your imagine comes up with!

The masks work great individually, too:

My photos are only so-so (I am not a great photographer -- yet), but if you've got totally awesome photos of the four seasons in your area, you could do them individually like the layouts above, perhaps use a more coordinating background than I have, print them out, and frame and hang them as a quartet as home decor. I can envision that looking pretty nice! Or, how cute would it be to do the same thing with baby's first year photos, framed in white, and hung in baby's room?

I'm getting some great ideas, and I hope you are, too.

You can get all four of these clipping masks in my online store here for just $1.49!

If you'd like to try one of the masks first (FREE!), simply sign up to be notified via email whenever I update my blog. Use the "Opt In" button on the left-hand side of my blog and, in the comments section of the form, indicate which mask you'd like. I'll send it to you via return email.

Thx for stopping by!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Undergoing Construction

Hi all,

I am currently revamping my blog and going to a simpler, cleaner design. Please excuse my dust over the next couple of weeks while I get everything in place!