Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Digital Elements for Sale - and a FREEBIE

Just $1.49

Get them Here at my online store!

As mentioned in this recent post, I have been working on creating my first set of digital elements for sale, and they're done! In that same post is a freebie - the airplane from this set - so if you haven't already and would like to download the freebie first, see if you like it before you purchase the set, click here.

Boy, was there a learning curve in figuring out how to "package" my elements, zip them up for quick download, upload to the file sharing site, 4shared.com, and finally, learn how to add a "Pay Now" button allowing someone (like you, hopefully!) to actually go through the purchase process.


I THINK I have the Buy Now button set up correctly. If you have ANY trouble using it please shoot me off an email at deborah@webajeb.com so that I can find the problem and fix it, as well as give you an alternate way to pay and then receive your download link (so you don't have to wait while the hair-tearing-fixing is going on).

Isn't technology wonderful???

UPDATE: 01/07/09 - The Buy Now button is working - yay! When you click on it you will be presented with a Paypal screen. At this point you can either login to Paypal (if you have an account) OR you can pay with a credit card without a Paypal account. Read the screen carefully and then make your choice as to how you want to proceed. Once your payment has been accepted you will be taken to the download screen. If you have ANY trouble, just email me at deborah@webajeb.com. Enjoy!

Yet another update: 08/10/09! I'm no longer using the Buy Now buttons; please go to my online store to purchase my designs and products. Thx so much for your support!

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