Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gorgeous Digital Portrait Page Layouts

Some photos are just too special to simply frame as is.

They deserve a little something "extra," like the technique I used to create this soft-focus, double-image effect. It looks great with either black-and-white or color photos.

I can do this for you!

Just send me your extra-special photo(s) via e-mail or my photo dropbox (click here for contact info). I'll apply this **technique, print your 8x10 portrait page on high-quality, high-gloss photo paper, and mail it to you, for the all-inclusive price of $12.00 each. I'll even convert your color photo to black-and-white, if you like, at no extra charge.

If your favorite photo is already printed, you can snail-mail it to me (click here for mailing address) and I'll scan it into digital format, again at no extra charge. I'll return your original photo to you unchanged in any way.

**This technique works best on portrait-style photos without distracting backgrounds.**

You can pay easily via Paypal, even it you don't have a Paypal account. Simply go to the Paypal website, click the "Send Money" button, enter my email address (found here), your email address, and the amount, and click "Send." Then follow the directions to either log into your Paypal account OR enter a credit card number.

These portrait page layouts make wonderful gifts. Order today!

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