Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going out of Business

So I’ve been working full-time for almost a year now and it’s become quite apparent that I can’t do that and run my own business at the same time.

Ok, to rephrase: I COULD do that, but it would leave me no time for anything else, not to mention it would be very stressful and these days I’m all about DE-stressing, de-cluttering, slowing down, and enjoying life more.

So I’m closing my online store at  I’m not selling enough to even cover the monthly hosting fee so it’s kinda silly, if I’m not going to be adding new product and promoting the site, to just leave it there coasting along and costing me money.

I’m keeping my Webajeb blog, however, and hoping to at least have a few products on there, and also post my own digital scrapbooking efforts to share. Not to mention being able to keep in touch with people I’ve come to know in the business.

My little biz has been fun, but it’s time to move on.  If you are interested in purchasing any of my digital scrapbooking products, please do so soon, before they are no longer available. Some products are available for purchase through my blog, but not all, and I can’t guarantee that I will get the others posted anytime soon.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, and thank you for your past patronage and friendship!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Free Digital Scrapbooking Template for DSD!

I celebrated Digital Scrapbooking Day (November 6) by scrapbooking all day with a friend. We had a blast and I actually got some real work done, including two new layered templates.

Here’s one:


{Webajeb-Template-045 – drop-shadows for preview only}

I scraplifted this layout from the August 2010 issue of Scrapbooks, Etc., and made a template out of it.  Then I created this:


{digtital papers and elements from Melissa Bennet of Sweet Shoppe Designs}

I stuck pretty close to the original layout, just moved a couple of the journaling strips around and added the extra elements (leaves) at the bottom.  Love the way it turned out!

I hadn’t done any scrapbooking in a long time and it felt good to get back to it, even if just for a little while.  I even got the new template uploaded to my online store where you can get it for just 99 cents!  Just click here to go to my website.  AND once you’ve purchased the kit email me and I’ll send you a second layered template absolutely free! 

Here’s a sneak-peek at the free template:



The templates are in both .PSD and .TIF format and are copyright-FREE!

No need to worry about whether or not you can use them in your scrapbook for hire projects, or whether you can post them in online galleries.  Go right ahead!  Credit is appreciated, but not required.  Of course, I’d love to make lots of sales, but if you know a scrapbooker who is having a tough time financially (I certainly do) you are welcome to share my templates.  {Please read the TOU delivered with the templates for complete copyright information.}


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Looking Back to Go Forward

I’ve been in a bit of a creative slump the last few months.  A lot has to do with having started working at a regular “9 to 5” (or, in my case, 7:00 to 3:30) job, five days a week.  A pretty demanding job, that requires a lot of energy and, more importantly, a lot of my creativity, and where I sit in front of a computer nearly the entire day. By the time I get home I’m beat, and not up to sitting in front of my own computer for yet more screen-time.

I’m finally feeling settled in there, though, and ready to get back to some of my OWN projects, including creating digital designs for Webajeb, especially (my favorite): templates.. 

I create templates for my own use, and then I put them out there for YOUR use. Sometimes they are for sale, for a small price; often, they are free.  I have missed this part of my life, and am looking forward to sharing new templates very soon!

Meanwhile, to get back into the habit of posting to my blog, here are some of my favorite digital scrapbook pages from past years:

Scout-I-Dare-Ya copy 2009-02-Bradley-is-Boggled 2009-03-My-Garden 2009-08-Four-Seasons-in-Cali copy 2009-08-Mike-Hanging-Clothes copy Catbed-too-small copy If you’d like a template of any of these pages, just say the word!

Or, have you seen a scrapbook page online that you love, and would like a template made of it for your use?  I can do that, too.

And for the rest of you – I will post new Layered Digital Scrapbooking Templates by Webajeb very soon!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking Freebies - Graduation and Father’s Day!

2004-06-Kristen-Graduates copy

It’s Graduation time!!!!  Here’s a scrapbook page I did last year for my sister’s graduation from Brooklyn Law School in 2004.  I made the photo mask and loved it so much that I made 6 more!  They were very popular last year so I updated them (with the year 2010) and have re-issued the set.  Here is a preview of what’s included in the set:

Webajeb-Masks-Graduation-Preview copy

{Click on the image to go to my online store!}

Seven digital photo masks AND, as a BONUS – with your purchase of this set I will PERSONALIZE one of the masks (your choice) with the name of your graduate AND the year (if it doesn’t happen to be 2010).  Instructions and my email address are included in the set.  I usually have a very quick turnaround so within about 24  hours you will have your personalized photo mask via email.

Plus, there’s a there’s a tutorial included on how to use photo masks!

And the entire set is only $1.99!

Not a bad deal, eh???

And, don’t miss my Father’s Day FREEBIES as posted yesterday!

‘Cuz June is all about Dads ‘n Grads!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Freebies - Father’s Day Digital Photo Masks Revisited

Webajeb-Mask-Sample-Use copy

I love my Dad!  I made this digital scrapbook page last year around Father’s Day for my Book of Me.  I also modified the page dimensions to make a Father’s Day card for my dad – and he loved it!  I was his first daughter.  He was my first hero.  There’s an unbreakable connection there.

This year has been very different.  Father’s Day has sneaked up on me!  It makes me sad because I really wanted to do something very, very special for my Dad, and now that it’s only 3 days until Father’s Day, I’m running out of time!

So I’m recycling and re-issuing my Father’s Day photo masks from 2009!  (Feel free to skip ahead to the end of this post, where you’ll find links to get my Father’s Day photos masks – FREE!  Or, keep reading for news about what’s next for Webajeb.)

‘Cuz I just want to say that I’m also sad about how long it’s been since I updated this blog.  I miss it terribly!

But, as many of you know, due to the high cost of individual health care premiums, and the slow economy, I made the tough decision to go back into the corporate world.

My husband, wisely, renewed my business license anyway.  So Webajeb Digital Photo Albums & Portfolios is still in business, if minimally.

Having said that, now that I’m settling into my new job and my new schedule, I’m slowly but surely working my way back toward carving out some time to do what I love most: create fun digital products to share and sell within the digital (and paper!) scrapbooking community.

Not to mention create digital scrapbook pages for my own albums!  (Laptop crop, anyone???  SUSAN?  APRIL??)

So it looks like my lil’ business will go through yet MORE changes.  But what is life without surprises?  The true test of our resilience just might be our ability to roll with the punches and I intend to do just that!

I do thank you all for continuing to visit my website, read my blog, and purchase my products.  You provide the motivation for me to carry on.

So please, enjoy these FREE Father’s Day photo masks.  It’s last-minute, I know; however, if your Dad is online, you can send you creation to him via email.  If not, and you want to print out your photo and / or create a handmade card for him, call him on Sunday, and let him know it’s coming.

If your dad is like mine, he’ll totally treasure that conversation and the card, when it arrives, will be the cherry on top of his Father’s Day Sundae.

Don’t you just love how easily pleased Dads are?

Here are the links to my FREE Father’s Day digital photo masks at 4shared:

Set One – Nine Father’s Day photo masks (click on the image to download)!Webajeb-Masks-Fathers-Day-Preview-01 copy

Set Two – Three MORE Father’s Day photo masks (click on the image to download)!

Webajeb-Masks-Fathers-Day-Preview-02 copy

I hope you enjoy these freebies – I’d love to see what you create with them!

And remember, all my products are copyright-free!  So if you’d like to share them with your digital scrapbooking friends, or use them to create a digital scrapbook page to enter in a contest, or whatever, FEEL FREE!