Sunday, February 22, 2009

Digital Freebie - Page Layout Template

(click on the image to download)

I liked this layout so much that I decided use it as the basis for today's free digital page layout template. AND I'm including the "speed limit" traffic sign that I created, complete with scratches, and mud splatters.

The traffic sign is in .PNG format, 4x4 in size, and 300 dpi.And now a little about the template.

This is the first Webajeb template in a new and improved format inspired by Jessica Sprague. Last week while reading Jessica's blog I came across this posting. Jessica had come up with a new idea to make her templates even easier to use. What she has begun doing is adding a plus sign (+) in front of the layer name for any layer in the .PSD file that is clippable.

Digital scrapbookers know that by "clippable" I mean the technique of clipping a piece of digital paper or a photo to the layer below it, causing it to take on the shape of that layer. Super handy & fast when using templates and dragging in your own papers and photos.

(If you are not familiar with clipping, or using digital templates, Jessica has put together an excellent video tutorial which you can view here.)

The plus signs on the layer names make it easy to quickly differentiate clippable layers from layers that contain text, embellishments, or other non-clippable layers.

In her blog post Jessica wrote, "I actually hope this trend catches on among template designers, and everyone starts offering a + before clippable layers."

I am happily taking her up on that suggestion because I think it's a great idea!

I hope you enjoy my newest template (and the traffic sign embellishment bundled with it). Please share how you use them and I'll feature you on my blog!

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