Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Freebie - Obama Digital Scrapbook Paper

Inauguration Day is at hand and whether you're celebrating or in mourning (LOL!), it's still a day that will go down in history - your history - so be sure to mark the day with a scrapbook page layout.

To help you create your layout, here is a free digital paper that you can use as a background, journaling or title page, or whatever you wish.

It's 12x12 and 300 dpi. Let me know what you think - please leave me a comment!

This will be FREE only until Saturday (01/17/09), at which time I will put it on sale for just 99 cents

UPDATE 01/17/09: The time period to get this very popular digital paper FREE has expired, but you can still get it, and other great papers, at my online store here!

Tell your friends!

Be sure to check the archive list (left side of my blog) for other Obama digital designs by Webajeb!


Anonymous said...


pam said...

whether it is yuck or not it is still history enjoy it America

Simone said...

Thank you very much this is very thoughtful of you! And to "OH YUCK" Oh Yuck Yuck right back at you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yuck, Yuck and more Yuck!!!!

Louise said...

Some of you bigots and right wing Republicans make me want to puke!! Get over it. It's about time for a change from Dumbo George and his cronies. I'm totally thrilled with your beautiful paper. Thanks!