Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Digital Photo Modification - Adding a Bridal Bouquet

The beautiful bride. This is my daughter-in-law, Dianna, on her wedding day. This photo is her mom's favorite, and one that she (Terry) wants to have enlarged and framed. While at Terry's house on Christmas Day she showed me a large photo of herself on her own wedding day. She and Dianna could have been twins, they looked that much alike. And the way they were posed, with a mirror behind them, and pretty furniture and flowers nearby, was so similar it was eerie!

Except for one thing.

Terry had her bridal bouquet in her hands. Dianna doesn't. The photographer, Jeff Fassett, took photos with and without the flowers and it just happened that the photo that looks most like Terry's is one without the bouquet. Isn't that just the way things happen sometimes!

Well, Terry really wanted THAT photo but WITH the bouquet. Dianna had told Terry about my little biz of digital scrapbooking and that I also did photo restoration, repair, and modifications. Terry asked me, did I think I could add the bouquet??

But, of course!

I have all the digital photos from Jeff already because I'm going to be creating Rodrigo and Dianna's wedding album (which I'll be starting on January 29th while at a scrapbooking retreat in Pacific Grove, CA.) so I started looking through the pictures for one that had a bouquet I could "lift."
I found this one (above), where Dianna is standing in an almost identical pose, but with her bridal bouquet in her hands. Perfect!

I pulled both photos into a new Photoshop document and layered Dianna without her bouquet over Dianna with her bouquet. Then using a layer mask and a small, soft brush I "painted" over the areas of the top photos with black to allow the bouquet to show through. I had to zoom in quite close at times to deal with the eensy fronds of fern and the tiny blossoms that cascade down the front of Dianna's dress, as well as make sure the appropriate shadows came through as well. A little bit painstaking, but very fun!
I think the result is quite nice, what do you think?

If you have a similar situation, or a photo with distracting backgrounds, or an old photo with cracks and dirt, or whatever, call me and let's talk! Toll-free anytime: (866) 521-DIGI (3444).

Chances are, I can help!

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Anonymous said...

Well done Deborah! Can't wait to see the album.

Hope all is well - Jeff