Saturday, April 18, 2009

Junk Mail Inspiration

Artistic inspiration can come from pretty much anywhere. I get a lot of mine from magazines, billboards, product labels and boxes, kid's artwork, and many other places. A couple days ago I got a piece of junk mail from a mail-order pharmacy and the design of the front and back pages really caught my eye:
Simple, clean, graphic. Just the kind of stuff I love. Sheesh, I even like the color scheme. Anyway, I knew immediately that these would be great digital scrapbooking templates so I sat right down and created some. Here they are:

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download from mediashare here
download from 4shared here

(more templates here)

I like them! I like each one on its own, and I also like them as a 2-page spread. Just think how these could be gussied up into fancy layouts, or kept as simple and classy as they are.

As you can see I didn't add any styles or drop-shadows to the text or the circles, so add your own if you want. The circles could be used for photos or journaling, a mixture of both, or whatever. I just love how versatile these templates are.

I made the templates in the square format that I most often scrap in, but am wondering . . . How many people would like to see templates in 8.5 x 11, or some other size? Just let me know if you do, and I'll add some different sizes. I'll even convert existing templates to other sizes, if you like, whaddya think o' them beans?

AND . . . If you're not a digital scrapbooker - No worries. I scrapbook for others, and would be happy to customize these templates, or any of my templates or Page Heroes (pre-designed pages), for you with your own photos. Click here to see how easy it is to order (not to mention you can check out my new recession-busting prices).

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Kim's Scrappin' said...

Cute templates, thanks for sharing them. And yes I sometimes like to scrap in the 8.5 x 11 or even 4x6 for small scrapbooks.

Amy J. said...

Love your style! I too love the clean crisp shapes and lines! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

These are great. So versatile. I love them. You asked about other sizes so I was wondering if you could make them in png of tiff format, so those of us that don't use photoshop would also use them. I understand that I may be asking too much and you can't honor this request, but you never know until you ask. Thanks for sharing your time and talent.

Michael said...

Good work, mom! I'm proud of you!