Monday, March 23, 2009

Wedding Layout to break the Webajeb Silence, LOL

(click on image to view a larger version)
Hi All, I'm back!!

Had a great vacation in Florida, attended an awesome fundraiser on Saturday, then rested yesterday. Now that I've caught my breath I'm ready to dive back in.

At the fundraiser, when I wasn't talking with people about my Digi-scrapbooking for Hire business I was working on The Wedding Album. I got 16 pages done! Shown above is one of my faves from the day.

I've got a long To-Do List for today and it includes more blog updates (so check back again later!) and new client business (woot!) so I'm going to be busy today and all week, in fact. So time to start checking in frequently (or subscribe to my blog and follow me in a reader) OR send me your email address and I'll let you know when I update my blog!

Back at ya later!


Heather and Spencer said...

The album is turning out great! We are buying our digital file from our wedding...let me know if you feel like practicing on ours!!! ;)

Susan said...