Thursday, March 26, 2009

Progress on Photo Repair and Restoration

Remember this?
I worked on it more today. It's been quite the challenge. I have been learning some new techniques now that I've upgraded to Photoshop CS3 and so it's been a bit slower than usual. But So. Much. FUN! I live for this stuff.

Here it is after today's work:
It's pretty much done but will leave it to "settle" for a day or two and then look at it again. I'm leaning a little toward thinking the eyes/forehead area may be a little too light....yet at the same time if I consider the highlights in the little girl's bangs, perhaps the lightness of the upper part of the face is due to the type of lighting the photographer used at the time. I'll decide for sure in a couple of days when I look at it again with fresh eyes.

I'm quite happy with the way this is turning out.
I hope my client will be happy, too!

1 comment:

Judy said...

VERY nice. I am amazed at the repair, especially of the long crack. I agree that her forehead is just a little too light. But her eyes are beautiful!