Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Photo Enhancements

This is Scout, my little female orange tabby, who loves to help me sew. (For more photos of Scout during the construction of a "ragged" baby quilt for my niece, click here). I love this photo; however, the original version of the photo was a bit "washed out" (see below):

The original photo is nice . . . but the colors are just a tad washed out, whether from the light coming in the dining room window, or perhaps my camera settings were not perfect. Whatever the reason I was a teensy bit disappointed so I turned to PhotoShop CS3.

I only needed to do a little bit of color correction to add more vibrancy to the colors in Scout's coat and eyes, and in the fabric behind her. Much more true to life. Then, since it was so easy, I decided to make Scout's eyes a little more green by changing the hue just a bit and increasing the saturation. The result is a more striking photo.

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Alycia Sanders said...

she is a gorgeous cat! nice photo and i love the corrections!