Sunday, February 24, 2008

Split Photo Frame

A quick layout I made this evening (thanks to Club Scrap for the stitches!), just to try out my new split photo frame. I saw a photo frame like this created by a digital designer, and I even purchased & downloaded it, but then when I read the TOU I found it was for personal use only and absolutely no commercial use was allowed. This is a never-ending frustration for me!

You see, I had my heart set on using a frame like this for a light-hearted layout I was putting together for a client. Usually, I will contact the designer of the element I want to use and ask permission to use it commerically. It can take several days for a reply, and even then it's often "No," or I have to pay an additional amount for commercial use which I'm willing to do but that also takes more time. Since I was in an impatient mood I decided to try my hand at reverse-engineering and create my own in PhotoShop CS3. It took several hours, and some backing up and doing things over a few times, but I finally did it! And now I have a split photo frame that I can use commercially. So I'm very pleased with this afternoon's work. Plus, I became just that little bit more proficient in PhotoShop.

I thought of offering this as a freebie, but I don't want to undercut any sales that designer Amy Leigh Fennel (find her at might make on her own split frame, especially since mine is very, very similar. So if you'd like to use an element like this you can get Amy's here and for only $2.00, and for that $2.00 you will actually get TWO split-frames!

Here is the photo I wanted to use the split photo frame with. Isn't it adorable? I just love it.
Obviously, this is not a finished layout, but it will be, and soon, now that I have the split photo frame!

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