Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Special Effects with Photoshop CS3

I've been taking some online classes at Jessica Sprague's website on editing and enhancing digital photos, and also about adding special effects to them like frames, cool text, word art, textures, etc. It's so much fun!

Here's my effort from Lesson 1 of Jessica's class titled "Photo Editing: Frame-ups and Special Effects:" I first took the photo through the steps I learned in the class "Photo Editing: Good-to-Great Workflow" and then I cropped it, applied a digital frame, and added the word art and text.I love how it turned out! It could be framed as is, or placed on a digital scrapbook layout.

The "frame-ups" class is instructor-led, by Jessica herself, and is going on now. I'm sure it'll be offered again so if you are interested take a peek at her website. The "workflow" class is self-paced so you can get in on it anytime you like. There are other classes, too, on digital scrapbooking, organization, and even mini-classes where you make a single hybrid scrapbooking page.

I'm hoping to get caught up on the lessons in the "frame-ups" class (I was on vacation during the first week) and will share my finished creations here as I go.

Keep an eye out for a new freebie SOON, too!

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