Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free Stuff - Digital Scrapbook Layouts

I'm giving two of these certificates away at the fundraiser on Saturday, as either door or raffle prizes (whatever the coordinators decide). They are each worth $50. I hope the winners take advantage of them; it would be a shame not to!

My display table items are just about ready. I'll take a photo of it on Saturday and post it as soon as I can.

I'll be taking a bit of a breather after Saturday, for the Thanksgiving holiday.

My first order of business on my return will be the December newsletter and the December free page layout.

Oh, you want a gift certificate, too? Sorry, they are for fundraiser participants only. However! Visit my website; there's a freebie you can pick up. Just click on the Freebies link at the top of the home page (there's a new one every month). But before you leave the home page, be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter (scroll down to the bottom of the page); the subscribers often get special deals not available to anyone else!

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