Friday, November 23, 2007

Freebies for December & a Layout Re-Do

Hi All! I have new freebies for December! They are on my website,, and ready for down-l0ading. I hope you enjoy them, and please let me know how they work out for you, as well as any special requests you may have for future freebies, ways to make them more useful for you, etc. I'm always open for any suggestions and ideas and even the occasional complaint!
If you are a regular reader of my blog you will probably recognize the above layout. However, this new version has been updated using a new technique that I recently learned, thanks to a tutorial by Steve Patterson of Photoshop, on how to add the look of sunlight streaming through trees. What do you think??? Pretty cool, huh? This is why I love digital scrapbooking so much; there are so many cool things you can do, and I'm constantly learning new stuff.
Please think about letting me create gorgeous layouts like this one with YOUR photos!

I am still on vacation but the beauty of digital scrapbooking is that it’s easy to take it along. All I need is my laptop and to be able to plug into 110 power now and then to recharge the battery. On our boat, we have 110 power available all the time, so battery power is not an issue like it might be if I were sitting outside in a park or something.

Almost every day on this trip I have transferred the day’s photos from my digital camera onto my laptop where they are instantly available for me to use in layouts. So far I have done nearly two dozen layouts for our trip and we haven’t even gotten home yet!

Here are a couple more that I like a lot:

The "reflection" added to the title of the layout above really ties in nicely with the ocean theme.

I try to make sure the photos are the "stars" of each page, so I often use a very simple layout design like the one above. Subtle background paper, a cool title, and just a few additional elements help the photos to really pop off the page.

If you'd like to know more about our 8-week sailing trip please be my guest and visit my personal blog at

The holidays are fast sure to take lots of pictures and then call me to find out how I can help you organize them, and get them put into heritage-quality photo albums that will be family treasures.

Happy holidays!

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