Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hybrid Albums - Mixing Paper and Digital Scrapbook Layouts

If you've been hesitant to try digital layouts because you still have uncompleted traditional (paper) scrapbooks, this post is for you.

Paper scrapbook pages and digital scrapbook pages mix very nicely within the same album.

The album pictured above shows two pages from my own personal "Book of Me" album. The page on the left is made with paper supplies, the one on the right is completely digital, and they look great together!

When I switched from traditional to digital scrapbooking about two years ago I still had a dozen albums in various stages of completion. Yep, that many. Scary, I know. So, anyway, I hung on to all my paper supplies because I thought that I would eventually go back (ha ha) and finish those albums, and I thought only paper layouts would be appropriate for those albums.

Wrong. I quickly realized that because every scrapbook page stands on its own (or with its companion page, in the case of a two-page layout), it doesn't matter whether a layout is created with paper, or designed in Photoshop, they can co-exist (and get along just fine) in the same album.

So even if you are a paper scrapbooker, I can help you get caught up in your albums with custom-designed digital layouts. In any size. I can even create 11.5" by 12" layouts to fit the old-style Creative Memories album pages; you won't have to trim the edges.

What size album are you struggling to keep current? Let me help by providing custom-designed digital layouts that will fit perfectly and look great!

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candy said...

beautiful layout!