Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Postman Doesn't Ring Anymore

Remember these? Different colored envelopes (and any size except business #10), hand-written addresses, real stamps & postmarks? All the signs of a personal letter (or a card!) from a friend or family member.

I miss them!

I do still get a few, now and then, especially around my birthday, and I feel the same thrill as always, knowing someone cared enough to sit down and compose a note or letter to me, put it into an envelope, address and stamp it, and send it off.

What a welcome change from the junk mail, grocery store ads, and bills that normally crowd my mailbox.

I also love to send letters, but the ease of e-mail has lulled me into thinking I can stay in touch with everyone in that faster, more instant way. It's much too easy to forget the friends and family who are not "connected" via the internet. My contact with them has sadly gone downhill, and they are the very people in my life who most enjoy receiving letters! My in-laws, some of my aunts and uncles, even a few of my friends who just are not "in" to computers, still are not "plugged in."

If your situation is similar, consider eLetters by Webajeb.

Simply put, eLetters by Webajeb are your email messages transformed into actual letters delivered by the U.S. postal system.

With eLetters by Webajeb you don't have to do anything more than write an email message, include your recipient's full name and mailing address, and send it off to us at deborah@webajeb.com.

We then print your message onto stationary, fold it up, insert it into an envelope, address it (by hand!), stamp it, and take it to the post office for delivery to your recipient.

All for just $2.00 per 1- to 2-page letter (each additional page is 50 cents), including postage!

Not only that, but because this is a brand-new service, and most people may have never considered using such a service (it really is kinda out there!), I'm offering two free eLetters to each of my blog readers. This offer is good until September 30, 2008.

So, hurry, get out your address book and dust if off! Dash off an email to your loved ones and send it to us. Within just a few days your real, postal-carrier-delivered letter will be in the hands of Grandma, Uncle George, Aunt Joy, or whomever hasn't heard from you in much too long.

Simply email me at deborah@webajeb.com and include Free eLetter by Webajeb in the subject line.

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