Thursday, June 26, 2008

For David -- Just Because

Sometimes I run across a photo that immediately draws me in, tells me a story, and leaves an impression on me. I saw the above photo of David on Lisa Leonard's blog. David is her son and he has Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. Any mother knows that when a child is born with health issues there are additional challenges to be faced every single day. Lisa lovingly & openly chronicles David's story on her blog, along with her other son, Mattie. Recently, she posted a series of short sentences describing the ways she "hears" David tell her he loves her. I was so inspired by this devoted mother that I asked her if I could create a digital scrapbook layout using the photo and words of her post and, can you believe it, she graciously agreed.

Above is the result. To me, it doesn't do either David or Lisa justice, but I hope she likes it. I'll be sending her a printed copy that she can frame and hang, if she is so inclined.

In case you can't read the text in the layout, here are Lisa's words:
"i hear you...

when you giggle with delight because you love being tickled

when you bang on the screen door because you want to play in the backyard

when you arch and scream in the bathtub

when you snuggle up a little closer because you are still waking up

when you fuss while i help you get dressed

when you tug on my hand and tell me to pick you up

when you knock matty's toys over with mischief in your eyes

when you smile your big smile as we drop you off at school

when you go to your chair to let me know its time to eat

when you wrap your arms around my neck and hug me tight.

You might not say it like other almost-six-year-olds, but i hear you."
Isn't it true - the seemingly ordinary moments in Life are often the most precious.

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