Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday Scrapbooking

Wow, finally a chance to do some of my own scrapbooking!  On Saturday I went to an all-day crafter’s fundraiser.  Everyone brings whatever craft they like to do (most people bring scrapbooking projects although I’m the only one that does it digitally) and we work on our projects, snack, eat lunch and then dinner, and socialize.  It was a very fun day.  Here are a few of the pages that I did:Jen Caputo - Digital Sketch 2010-04-Foster-Kittens-Title-Page



For those of you wondering what’s going on with my business, Webajeb Digital Photo Albums & Portfolios, there have been some huge changes in my life; hence, the long silence in this blog, and no newsletter.

Bottom line is: I’ve gone back to work full-time.  The reasons are many but foremost was health & dental insurance.  My little business was barely bringing in enough to pay my taxes, let alone pay my bills AND handle the ever-rising cost of individual health insurance premiums, so the tough decision was made to go back into the corporate world.  I know many, many small businesses are struggling in today’s economy so I will say that I’m extremely grateful to have landed a great job.

Tomorrow will begin my third week at the new job and I’m finally beginning to settle in to the new routine.  It’s been quite an adjustment!  I am not shutting down my business completely, but I will not be taking on any client projects; I will only be creating some digital products and putting them on my website for sale or on my blog as freebies.  I will try to do this at least once a month, but no promises!

I also plan to post many of my own digital pages that I create because, well, I just like to share!  And it’s a good place for my friends and family to see them.  I’ll still send out the email notification whenever I update this blog.  (If you’d like to opt out of those notifications simply use the “Opt In/Out” link on the left-hand side of my blog.)

Keep on scrappin’!


Anonymous said...

Wander around blogs,
happened and I am here. I'll leave a greeting, Elena

Anonymous said...

The kittens really caught my attention! They're so cute! I was just taking pictures of kittens myself, 6 born so far!