Sunday, December 13, 2009

Restoring a Damaged Photo

Wow, way too long since my last post!  I have been rushing to get client projects done by Christmas and they're done!  Now I'm "off" for the rest of the year.  Whew!

One of my favorite project was this very damaged photo (above).  My client had rolled it up years and years ago and put it into a cardboard tube, thinking that would help keep it safe.  Well, you see the result.  Terrible cracks and bends!

I scanned it, then worked some Photoshop "magic," and here is the end result:

My client was very pleased!  She got 7 prints, one for herself, and 6 to give as gifts.  What a priceless gift for her siblings; the restored portrait of a very special relative.  And when you consider that she spread the cost of this project over SIX gifts, each gift was very reasonable indeed!

I'm hoping to post some new freebies very soon, so check back often!


Anonymous said...

so how do you do it? whats the magic?

Susan said...

Whew, perfect! To the above post: The "magic" is patience and expertise! I repair old photos too, and I can tell you this is one great job. Good work, Deborah!

Anonymous said...

wow, the difference between the two is incredible!